Inflatable Insulated Tent shelter

Inflatable Insulated Tent shelter

It is available in two size 60 SQ M & 240 SQ M The tents are   waterproof, air insulated, and can withstand wind load of 90 kmph approx. and snow load of 15 kg /m2. They are quite compact when packed,  and can be quickly deployed in 30 mins and optimally utilized to create living space for troops in Transit Camps, staging areas , storage space at operational location of units in high altitude at short notice where the accommodation is inadequate to protect troops and stores from vagaries of weather.

-15 - +60 Deg Operation. 12-240 SqM Insulated

Fast deployable under 30 Min in remote regions.

Modular Shelters, 30-36 units can be easily transportable on LS one vehicles.

16-20 Units can be understanding by Hepter.

can be used as single unit or combined in a modular fashion or with ISO containers/flat pack units for various types of facilities. 

Used for Troops/Office / Command shelter, Staff accommodation, Equipment Storage, Repair Shed etc.

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