Mobile Surveillance Tower

Mobile Surveillance Tower

The Mobile Surveillance Tower are effective tool for Security and surveillance applications and provide a ariel view of the area under surveillance. It is an effective tool for the police, Military for perimeter security. The hydraulically elevated cabin provides Unobstructed 360° degree view capable of supporting two security personnel. With various optical and electronic detection devices including thermal cameras, Tethered Drones, security can scan over 3 Km Radius Among the many flexible options are fixed or pan-tilt IR, night vision, and visible-light cameras, ground radar, DVR, and searchlights to help you see, find, and document more efficiently.

24x7 Surveillance & Scanning at remote borders and security installations

The mobile Surveillance Tower features a climate controlled cabin with Air Condition and Heat providing personnel with maximum comfort. 360 view. unobstructed 360 degree view capable of supporting two security personnel. With the thermal camera options, you can see objects during the day or  night. Rapid Deployment.


Towable practically anywhere, one officer or trained civilian can deploy the Border mobile Security Tower in minutes , Safety raising it in about 90 Seconds.


The 360 view from 30′ up gives the operator the advantage of scanning areas that typically require three ground personnel.

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